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Clients’ Feedback

“Working with Stephanie has been life changing. I knew after the first time we spoke that God had an assignment for us to work together. I was able to let my guard down and become fully transparent with her, trusting her to guide me into my journey of wholeness. It is not often that you meet someone who can be a listening ear and hold you accountable without judging or talking about you to others. I am truly thankful for her guidance, mentorship, and coaching. She has helped me tap into a version of myself that was trying to hide from the world!” ~ Eb Nance

“I first worked with Stephanie in 2017 as a part of an anthology, so when I decided to write a children’s series of my own the first and only person I wanted to walk me through this process was her. She coached me through the editing process, connected me to an amazing illustrator, and handled all the little things that a first time author doesn’t even think about or know needs to be done. It’s now been 4 years of working with Stephanie on 3 different published books and I can truly say she has become not only a friend, but family. Our writing coaching calls can turn into life coaching and prayer calls at any moment. She has stood in the gap in some of the most difficult times I’ve been through in the past few years. And her God-given ability to pour into her clients is a blessing! Everyone that asks me about writing and publishing a book, I send them straight to Stephanie! And always will!!! ” ~ Monica Fortson

“When I started this Journey, I can say for sure that I was afraid because I didn’t know what to expect. Really, what is a Transformation Coach? I hadn’t known anyone that had ever used one, but I knew that I needed some help; that I could no longer live as I had lived for so long. I decided to finally do something for myself and step out on faith that this woman, Stephanie Outten, could help me transform my life. From the very first conversation, I began to feel differently. She was actually concerned about ME, my feelings, my needs, my wants and desires. It was really all about me. The Breaking the Shell program was spot on as if it was made especially for me. It challenged me to be true to myself, to open up and explore the woman that I am, to revisit those dark places that I’ve suppressed for so long. It enabled me to face those scary places within me, to overcome them and finally put them to rest. Day by day as I worked through the program, I felt the emotional weight falling off. I saw sadness and hopelessness dissipate as peace and joy took residence in my soul. I saw patterns change, my way of thinking changed. I fell in love with Me! I no longer just existed. I began living, I grew my wings and soared my way to joy. I would recommend Stephanie Outten to anyone who is ready to make changes in their life, work or business.
” ~ Katrina Wade

“For approximately twenty-years I’ve longed to write a book about my life and journey as the youngest daughter of James Byrd Jr. James Byrd Jr. was the black man who was savagely beaten, tied behind a pickup truck and dragged to his death by three white supremacists. After years of being a pawn to many whose only goal was self gratification, I developed a great amount of distrust. This increased my anxiety which caused me to become guarded when sharing my story with the world. As I was sharing my fears of writing my book with my dear soror, Monica Fortson, she excitedly recommended that I contact Stephanie Outten with Cocoon to Wings Publishing. Her excitement sparked a great deal of excitement in me. I immediately stepped out on faith and contacted Stephanie. It was the best decision I ever could have made. Stephanie was very patient and transparent in explaining the process. I never, at no point, during our coaching felt pressured or persuaded to write something that wasn’t authentically from me. This was one of my fears that I finally overcame because Stephanie allowed me to speak from my heart while guiding me to dig deeper. I felt as if the assignments were specifically designed for me. Life events that I had buried and some that I just couldn’t remember were brought to life through Stephanie’s coaching. Through my process, I prayed for a renewed spirit as I forgave the three murders who killed my dad on June 7,1998. I am now on a journey of restoration. It’s a daily walk with God but now that I have buried those evil spirits that haunted me for so long, I can live life with peace and prosperity. We cried some ugly tears during my process, but I wouldn’t have wanted to do it with anyone else. Stephanie is a true angel that God has anointed to bless others like me. My process was transformational, and I know yours will be too.
” ~ Jamie Byrd-Grant

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