Publishing Services

Whether you want to self-publish or work with our team to publish your book, our publishing team will support you in successfully getting your masterpiece to the market.

Self-publishing options

Let us coach you through the self-publishing process.  We guide you step by step through each phase of the process, from setting up your business to choosing your distribution channel.  We then provide you with the tools and resources to get your masterpiece to the market your way. ($150/hr of consulting and research)

Contract Publishing

We offer hourly publishing consulting where we partner with you to complete each phase of the publishing process.  You can select to do certain phases yourself, while we do the remainder or we do it all, and you have the benefit of publishing your work through us rather than incurring the costs of starting your own business. ($110/hr of consulting on non-fiction work OR $150/hr of consulting on fiction work)

Publishing Packages

Our team will customize a package that fits your publishing budget.  We overview various publishing services with you and let you decide which services are right for your book goals.  Then, we customize a package to meet your needs. (Customized pricing)