Stephanie Outten is an anointed Woman of God, Bestselling author, Coach and Transformation Agent.  The Owner of Cocoon to Wings Publishing & Coaching, her platform is centered on JOY – something that didn’t come easily for her.

Her pain story began with a childhood trauma at age 12, and that story transitioned into marriage, infertility, and divorce.  But she made a choice that her story wouldn’t end there.  She went on her own transformative journey toward finding JOY, which led to her writing her first novel, “Is This the Way to Joy?”  Released December 12, 2016, “Is This the Way to Joy?” is symbolic of the journey she took to re-write her pain story and turn it into her JOY story.    

As a part of reclaiming her JOY, she listened when God spoke into her spirit that her purpose was to serve others.  She decided to use her gift of coaching in order to guide other women seeking to break free from the cocoon that kept them in bondage. Using her 20-plus years of Corporate Human Resources and coaching experience, she’s worked with countless women to guide them through making successful power moves in life, work, and business.

She serves as a publishing consultant to Christian and other aspiring authors who desire to share their stories and bring their masterpiece to the market.  Stephanie is passionate about Christ and serving others on their journey toward creating and living the vision for their life.  She lives an intentional life so that her JOYcup always overflows.  And, she SOARS in order to POUR into the lives of those God has assigned to her.  

Stephanie is passionate about Christ and serving others on their journey toward joy
and self-care. She released the pain of her past in order to write her future power story.
Now, she Soars in order to Pour into the lives of those God assigned to her.