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Program Overview

The Write to Heal Writing Coaching Program™ is specifically designed for women who have faced what some may deem as insurmountable circumstances – divorce, infertility, jail/prison time, molestation, and rape, whatever the situation, this program will take you through the process of healing it through the power of writing.

In partnership with 2My Destiny Inner Healing Coaching Services, our revolutionary writing coaching approach is steeped in the concepts of deliverance and inner healing to set you free from past trauma by sharing your story in the written format.

This 12-week group coaching program includes:

  • 3 weeks of individual deliverance and inner healing coaching
  • 4 weeks of online coursework
  • 5 weeks of group writing coaching

Module 1 - Why Soul Healing is Important

  • What’s Hurting You?
  • What Are Your Triggers?
  • Are You Willing to Do the Work?

Module 2 - Your Online Course Work

  • Book Identity
  • Book Outline
  • Creating Your Chapters
  • SWOT Analysis

Module 3 - Why Support is Necessary for the Writing Process (Group Coaching)

  • Virtual Group Coaching
  • I Am My Sister’s Keeper
  • In the Hot Seat

Program Cost

Payment installments available at an additional cost. (All price options include all administrative and processing fees.)

  • $2,050 – Pay-in-Full
  • $2,150 – Pay-in-2 Option ($1,075 per payment)
  • $2,250– Pay-in-3 Option ($750 per payment)
  • First payment is due before program starts
  • Final payment is due before program ends

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