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Program Overview

Pause for God – Resting in His Presence

Do you find yourself distracted by everything coming at you? Do you find it difficult to stay focused to bring things to completion? Aren’t you tired of being distracted all the time?

It’s time to stop allowing distractions to rule your life! Let’s Pause for God and get free to focus on what God says is most valuable – Your TIME!

In this 4-week self-paced online course, you will learn how to S.T.O.P. so you can rest in His presence and reset and be restored.

Module 1: Surrender

  • Give God Your YES!
  • Give God Your Attention
  • Give God Your Intentions

Module 2: Trust

  • Give God Your Day
  • Give God Your Emotions
  • Give God Your Past

Module 3: Obey

  • Listening for God’s instructions
  • Deciphering the instructions
  • Acting on the instructions

Module 4: Pause

  • Taking Time to Pray
  • Being Attuned to Your Needs
  • Knowing When to Sit Still
  • Seeking God for Your Next

Program Cost

Payment installments available at an additional cost. (All price options include all administrative and processing fees.)

  • $1,525 – Pay-in-Full
  • $1,600 – Pay-in-2 Option ($800 per payment)
  • First payment is due before program starts
  • Final payment is due before program ends

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