Break the Shell

Life Alignment Program
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Program Overview

You’ve been hiding in the shell for too long. It’s time to Break the Shell: Mind, Body, and Spirit, so that you can SOAR in your life, business, and work.  Are you ready to uncover the YOU God intended you to be?  As your Transformation Agent, I use soul-stirring and thought-provoking exercises to unwrap your shell so you can flourish and fly like the beautiful butterfly who’s been waiting to be set free.

Let’s take this 12-week transformative journey together! It includes the following modules:

Module 1 - The Mind

  • 4 weeks focused on changing mindsets

Module 2 - The Body

  • 4 weeks focused on the body as a temple

Module 3 - The Spirit

  • 4 weeks focused on getting your spirit aligned with the will of God

Program Cost

Payment installments available at an additional cost. (All price options include all administrative and processing fees.)

  • $3,500 – Pay-in-Full
  • $3,650 – Pay-in-2 Option ($1,825 per payment)
  • $3,900 – Pay-in-3 Option ($1,300 per payment)
  • First payment is due before program starts
  • Final payment is due before program ends

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