Stephanie Outten

Founder | Chief Publishing Officer | Literary Doula® of Cocoon to Wings Publishing

Stephanie Outten, Founder | Chief Publishing Officer | Literary Doula® of Cocoon to Wings Publishing, guides existing and aspiring anointed writers through birthing their “literary babies” and leaving their story as their legacy. She is the author of “Is This the Way to Joy?” and has also authored chapters in the Amazon Bestseller anthology, ” Soul Talk,” as well as hot-selling fiction anthology, “When I Kill Him, Jesus Can Have Him.” Stephanie is a certified life coach whose focus is centered on transformational writing coaching and life alignment coaching. She is also an independent publisher of fiction, nonfiction, and children’s books, and she offers a variety of programs and services through her Stephanie Outten brand.

She is the co-executor of PURE Solutions and Consulting, a partnership between her and business partner, Ereka Thomas, where the PURE team creates tailor-made connections for female Kingdom Business Owners (KBOs) to technology, people, media, marketing, and content resources. Stephanie also owns Great Grace Media Group, a digital media company where Kingdom-focused entertainment is produced, curated and hosted. She believes the saying that, ” Girls with BIG dreams become women with VISION,” and her vision is to live with a Kingdom perspective while ruling from her place of authority in the earth.

About Stephanie Outten

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