Is This the Way to Joy?

An inspirational novel about finding JOY


Soul Talk

20 soul-stirring stories of women that let go and let God.

Break The Shell!

Workbook provided when client purchases the 4-week Break the Shell! Coaching Program.

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Coaching Services

“Is This the Way to Joy?” Breaking the Shell: Mind, Body, Spirit, SOAR” Online Coaching Program is coming soon.  In this 4-week online program, you’ll navigate through concepts and exercises I’ve created and personally used to break free from the shell of life that kept me in bondage to pain, lack of self worth, and low self esteem.  My platform is all about the journey we go through to get to JOY, and I want to support you as you navigate through your own JOY journey.  

We all want to be free – Mind, Body, and Spirit – in order to S.O.A.R. (Solidified Obedience Anointed Regeneration) in life, work, and business.  When our mind is out of order, our bodies become numb to the pain and shame we’ve carried.  Our spirits then become barren – unable to produce fruit to feed and nourish others.  

In the Program, here’s what you’ll experience:

  • Four (4) transformative modules with daily exercises designed to guide you as you break free from your cocoon in order to set your wings free to S.O.A.R.
  • One (1) audio jumpstart at the beginning of each week  to prepare you for what to expect during that week
  • One (1) 30-minute phone or Skype call with the Shell Breaker, Stephanie Outten, to gain insights on your thoughts about the program and other ways you can work with me as your Transformation and Growth Agent.

    This is as exciting for me as it is for you.  I love creating an environment where people, specifically women, begin to see the cracks in their shells so they can break the shell and set their wings free to S.O.A.R.

    Stephanie is passionate about Christ and serving others on their journey toward joy
    and self-care. She released the pain of her past in order to write her future power story.
    Now, she Soars in order to Pour into the lives of those God assigned to her.

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